Indonesian Customs and Excise is introducing the X-Ray Checking for Containers to expedite clearance and to strengthen the inspection system. This Hi-Co Scan or X-Ray Checking for Containers is being operasionalised in Unit I and II of the Container Unit in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta as well as the Container Unit in Tanjung Perak, Surabaya.

Benefits obtained from operationalising this new container checking system, among others, are:

  1. Increasing the volume of cargo handling;

  2. Increasing the capability to detect smuggling of contraband such as drugs, weapons, etc.;

  3. Reducing opportunities for customs fraud;

  4. Increasing compliance;

  5. Assisting customs officers to compare information on import declaration against the actual goods in the container

For further information about the procedure, you may wish to check out the Indonesian Customs and Excise Homepage: