The ASEAN Experts Group on Competition (AEGC) was set up in 2007.   The establishment of the AEGC was endorsed by the ASEAN Economic Ministers (AEM) in August 2007 as a regional forum to discuss and cooperate on competition policy and law (CPL). It is an official ASEAN body and its members comprise senior representatives of AMS’ competition authorities or agencies in charge of competition matters.

The AEGC has focused on strengthening legislative regimes in AMS, building competition-related policy capabilities and best practices among AMS.  Through this body, a number of activities have been organised in cooperation with development partners, to also strengthen competition agencies and to build enforcement competencies.  The AEGC has successfully steered the implementation of the AEC Blueprint 2015 goals for competition, which were putting in place a robust competition legal framework, fostering a culture of competition through advocacy, building regional linkages via a network of authorities or agencies responsible for competition policy as well as institution-building.

Since its establishment, nine ASEAN Member States having put in place competition laws. The AEGC has also developed the ASEAN Regional Guidelines on Competition Policy and Law which outlined the framework for competition laws, with.  In fostering a culture of competition, a number of advocacy tools were developed such as the ASEAN Handbook on Competition, the ASEAN Competition Website, the ASEAN Advocacy Toolkit and the holding of the ASEAN competition conferences.    The AEGC has also facilitated numerous workshops, trainings and seminars to strengthen the capacities of competition-related agencies in the areas of institutional building, law enforcement and advocacy.

The AEGC is currently implementing the ACAP 2025 through multi-year programmes in cooperation with development partners to improve and enhance competition-related institutional building, legal framework and, advocacy and awareness at the regional- and national-levels in AMS under the ACAP 2025.   Moving forward, the AEGC will continue to ensure a level playing field and foster a culture of fair business competition, for enhanced regional economic performance in the long run.

The details of the current Chair of the AEGC and the ASEAN Leads are available below.

AEGC Contact Points

  • ASEAN Experts Group on Competition (AEGC)

AEGC Chairperson:
Mr. Toh Han Li
Chief Executive
Competition Commission Singapore (CCS)

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  • Working Groups (WG) under AEGC
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    • Working Group on Developing Strategy and Tools for Regional Competition Advocacy