JAKARTA, 27 NOVEMBER 2019 – The ASEAN Secretariat hosted an inaugural ASEAN Studies Dialogue today in an effort to map out a cooperation framework among ASEAN academics.

The forum brought together academics and scholars from around the region. Lee Yoong Yoong, Director of Community Affairs of the ASEAN Secretariat, called for the scholars to ‘’engage with ASEAN Secretariat in its activities and gradually build-up a regional database of ASEAN-focused resources.’’ He further reiterated that ASEAN Vision 2025 provides the mandate for ASEAN  to “promote research and scholarly publications by ASEAN think-tanks and academic institutions on regional and international developments.”

At the dialogue, participants discussed how academics can collaborate with ASEAN to undertake research on about regional affairs. The participants also discussed the possibility of establishing an ASEAN Studies Network.

One participant, Dr Marissa Paderon from the Ateneo de Manila University, highlighted, “I am very glad to attend this inaugural dialogue. It has been a very productive and fruitful discussion with colleagues from other countries as to how to synergise our research on ASEAN. I am looking forward to seeing more joint student conferences, partnerships, and collaborations in research activities which can contribute to ASEAN Community building.’’

The one-day dialogue was supported by the German Federal Government through GIZ cooperation project.



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