The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is envisioned to be the realization of ASEAN economic integration by 2015. In this series of articles, the various initiatives undertaken as well as the progress made towards achieving the AEC by the end of 2015 will be highlighted. The articles will touch on the different aspects of the wide-ranging and multifaceted regional economic integration process. Indeed, ASEAN’s economic integration agenda has significantly evolved from its initial focus on trade liberalisation and currently covers a broader array of issues ranging from investment to labour migration to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

These articles are written in a clear and simple format with minimal use of technical jargons. Those who wish to have more detailed information on the issues discussed may access them via the links to relevant documents provided in each of the articles.

It is hoped that this series of articles will provide all stakeholders of AEC, be it the business community, scholars, students or the general public, a better understanding of what AEC is all about and how it will impact their lives.

  1. Introduction 
  2. Trade In Goods
  3. Trade In Services
  4. Agriculture, Fishery, and Forestry
  5. Competition
  6. Consumer Protection
  7. Energy
  8. Financial Integration
  9. Free Trade Agreements
  10. ICT
  11. Investment
  12. Intellectual Property Rights
  13. Small Medium Enterprises
  14. Tourism
  15. Transport