• Established in 1996
  • Meets annually
  • Last Meeting : 15th Ministerial Meeting on AMBDC, 21 August 2013, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

The ASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation was established to promote economic integration among the Member Countries, thus helping to build the ASEAN Economic Community by 2015. The cooperation framework has contributed to the development of infrastructure and human capital in the sub-region and enabled the sharing of the resource base between ASEAN Member States and Mekong riparian countries, and with China while promoting inclusive and equitable growth in the region. It has also led to the international recognition of the sub-region as a growth area.
The emergence of growth areas such as the Mekong Basin has underscored the increasing interactions and linkages beyond national boundaries, injecting dynamism into the region.
ASEAN and China has expressed the importance of strengthening economic partnerships in the Cooperation to promote and sustain development of the Mekong Basin.
There are several sub-regional and national projects under the cooperation that still required funding. Countries recognized that mobilizing financing for the activities remains a priority and challenge for all. They emphasized the importance of collaborating with development agencies and the private sector to finance the various in-country projects as well as the cross-border platforms. ASEAN countries underscored the importance of inviting Dialogue Partners support in the projects of the AMBDC where assistance can be rendered in the form of capacity building and training.
The Singapore-Kunming Rail Link (SKRL), the flagship project of the AMBDC, is expected to provide an alternative mode of land transportation connecting AMBDC’s riparian and non-riparian states. The progress of the SKRL is related to measures under the Brunei Action Plan and the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity. Discussions on formulating a strategy for the seamless operation of the SKRL, ways to mobilize further financial resources for SKRL’s completion, and the possibility of extending the SRKL to Surabaya, Indonesia are undertaken by the Special Work Group Meeting on the SKRL which meets annually.
The completion of the Yuxi-Mengzi Railway which is part of the eastern line of the planned Pan-Asia Railway network, funded by the Ministry of Railways and the Yunnan government is expected to boost land transportation between China and ASEAN countries, as well as tie the economies closer.
The AMBDC is important as a framework to enhance and sustain growth of the Mekong Basin and as a policy dialogue for ASEAN and China to foster sub-regional economic development and poverty reduction cooperation.

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