Public-Private sector engagement (PPE) is crucial for the realisation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) since it allows the private sector to better understand the desired outcomes and workings of the AEC. It also contributes to the success of ASEAN in designing regional strategies and initiatives as well as in identifying impediments to deepen regional economic integration. Greater involvement and more structured participation of the private sector provides the necessary input to the regional process particularly in reducing current and future trade and investment impediments faced by business enterprises.

Initiatives to enhance PPE

It is important for the private sector to understand the various avenues that are available for their engagement with ASEAN. The ASEAN Secretariat has developed initiatives to enable and strengthen private sector engagement by following the framework of “Inform-Consult-Involve.”

Rules of Procedure for Private Sector Engagement under the ASEAN Economic Community

To ensure that the engagement between the public and private sector can be done in a transparent and effective manner, ASEAN has developed the Rules of Procedure for Private Sector Engagement under the ASEAN Economic Community (RoP). The RoP provides comprehensive explanation on the criteria for engagement, levels of engagement, types of engagement, administrative procedures of the engagement, private sector engagement mechanism, and response mechanism to the issues/recommendations raised by the private sector.

ASEAN for Business Bimonthly Bulletin

Access to information on developments in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is crucial for enhancing public-private sector engagement. For this, the ASEAN Secretariat has developed a bimonthly bulletin called “ASEAN for Business” which aims to provide the private sector with key information on various initiatives under AEC as well as the profile and key focus areas of some ASEAN sectoral bodies.

The bulletins can be downloaded through the link below:

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Dialogue

The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Dialogue, initiated in October 2018, was developed as a platform to enhance the quality of engagement in which the ASEAN Business Advisory Council (ASEAN BAC), as the apex private sector body of ASEAN, and other regional business councils and associations can intensively discuss with the ASEAN Secretariat on how to streamline their recommendations before surfacing them to the ASEAN sectoral bodies so that their engagements can become more effective and productive. The AEC Dialogue is scheduled twice a year in 02 and 04 of each respective year.

Public-Private initiative

Developing public-private initiatives is also crucial in strengthening public-private sector engagement. The ASEAN Secretariat has facilitated one public-private project between the ASEAN-BAC and the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on MSME (ACCMSME) called the ASEAN Mentorship for Enterpreneurs Network (AMEN), which aims to institute a system that will help MSMEs access the 3Ms (i.e., Money, Market and Mentorship) so as to scale up their operations and improve their profitability and sustainability. Moving forward, the ASEAN Secretariat, in cooperation with the ASEAN-BAC and the ACCMSME, is currently developing the ASEAN Business Sentiment Study 2020 to provide valuable insights to policymakers on the ASEAN indigenous enterprises’ general sentiment on ASEAN economic integration, as well as issues pertaining to investment, trade and services.

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