Healthcare Services Sectoral Working Group (HSSWG)

What is HSSWG?

The Healthcare Services Sectoral Working Group (HSSWG) is one of the sectoral working groups and integration priority sectors of the ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Services (ASEAN CCS). The HSSWG discusses matters pertaining to facilitation and cooperation in healthcare services which is an important part of the liberalization process of the ASEAN Framework Agreement on Services (AFAS).

Towards this end, the agenda of the HSSWG meetings are as follows: 1) Offers and schedules of the AFAS package; 2) Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs) on Medical Practioners, Nursing and Dental Practioners; 3) Information exchanges; 4) Regional profiling and databases of professionals; institutions; infrastructures and systems; domestic regulations; 5) development of core competencies and equivalences; 6) Capacity building programs; 7) Formulation of yearly work programs and; 8) other activities and initiatives relevant to the implementation of AFAS.

What comprises the HSSWG?

In order to comprehensively implement the three (3) MRAs, the HSSWG has created committees for each of these MRAs which are as follows:

ASEAN Joint Coordinating Committee on Nursing (AJCCN)
ASEAN Joint Coordinating Committee on Medical Practitioners (AJCCM)
ASEAN Joint Coordinating Committee on Dental Practitioners (AJCCD)

The roles of the above 3 AJCCs as stated in the MRAs comprise of:

  • Understand the Domestic regulations applicable in each ASEAN Member State
  • Discuss mechanisms and procedures for entry to each AMS
  • Exchange information with regards to laws, practices and developments in the practice of medicine, nursing and dentistry
  • Recognize qualification and institution
  • Identify and undertake exchange programs and consultation meetings
  • Conduct AJCC meetings
  • Review the MRAs