Logistics and Transport Services Sectoral Working Group

In the past decade, ASEAN logistics market expands significantly, alongside various Free Trade Agreements being implemented within ASEAN as well as with ASEAN Dialogue Partners such as China, Korea, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Noting this development, in 2006, ASEAN Economic Ministers decided Logistics Sector as the twelfth Priority Sector in ASEAN for accelerated economic integration, in addition to the eleven priority sectors identified in 2003.

The Roadmap for the Integration of Logistics Services was adopted in 2007. It contains specific measures which were formulated in consultation with both, government and business sectors. Aiming to (1) Create an ASEAN single market by 2015 by strengthening ASEAN economic integration through liberalisation and facilitation measures in the area of logistics services and (2) Support the establishment and enhance the competitiveness of an ASEAN production base through the creation of an integrated ASEAN logistics environment.

The Roadmap sets five main targets:

  1. Achieve substantial liberalisation of logistics services
  2. Enhance Competitiveness of ASEAN Logistics Services Providers through Trade (including Documentation Simplification) and Logistics (Transport) Facilitation
  3. Expand Capability of ASEAN Logistics Service Providers
  4. Human Resource Development
  5. Enhance Multi-Modal Transport Infrastructure and Investment

Being one of the Implementing Bodies of the Logistics Roadmap, ASEAN Coordinating Committee on Services (CCS) agreed to establish the Logistics and Transport Services Working Group (LTSSWG) to implement the measures under the Logistics Roadmap which are related to CCS. The LTSSWG was established and held its first meeting on 1st– 2nd July 2009 in Bagan, Myanmar.

As an initial step towards implementing the Logistics Roadmap, the LTSSWG collects relevant information regarding Logistics and Transport Services in ten ASEAN Member States:

  1. Domestic Regulation related to Logistics Services
    a.  Brunei Darussalam
    b.  Cambodia
    c.  Indonesia
    d.  Lao PDR
    e.  Malaysia

    f.   Myanmar
    g.  Philippines

    h.  Singapore
    i.   Thailand

    j.   Viet nam

  2. Contact Points for Investment Regulation and Licensing Registration. 
  3. Business Registration Procedures.
  4. Definition of Express Delivery Services (EDS)
  5. Private Sector Associations in Logistics and Transport Services.
  6. Policies on Transportation of Empty Container


  1. Conference on Enhancing ASEAN Logistics Services, 28-29 April 2014, Cebu, Philippines
    OutcomeKey Issue Paper
  2. Seminar on Enhancing ASEAN Logistics Services, 1-2 May 2014, Cebu, Philippines
    Outcome: Report of the Enhancing Logistics Services Seminar 
  3. Logistics and Transport Confrence to Exchange Best Practices on Reulations and Experiences in ASEAN Regions, 10-11 December 2014, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
    Outcome: Report of Logistics and Transport Conference to Exchange Best Practices on Regulations and Experiences in ASEAN Region