SEOUL, 22 November 2013- In line with the cooperation framework of ASEAN and the Republic of Korea, an exhibition entitled ‘ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Media Art Exhibition 2013’ is being organized by the ASEAN-Korea Centre in Seoul and other major cities.

Now in its fourth year of implementation, this exhibition of contemporary photo and media works of Korean and ASEAN artists will be held with the theme: ‘Parallax: ASEAN Changing Landscapes and Wandering Stars.’ Works of 18 artists from ten ASEAN member states, along with those of five artists from Korea who each visited and captured the images of ASEAN, will present their artworks which total approximately 90 pieces combined.

Organized under the three sub themes of 1) reinterpretation of the historical events and the spirit of the age; 2) the changing urban landscape and the diverse psychological responses of its residents; and 3) the formation of a new identity amidst these phenomena, the exhibition explores the crossing points of the past and present, the Eastern spirit and Western trappings, and the continuity of tradition and values for the future.

Dr. Shin Sue-jin, who art-directed the exhibition explained: “The photos and videos of this exhibition not only capture the reality, but also the beauty & ugliness, conflict & harmony, the respect toward the unchanging past and anticipation for the upcoming future.” She also expressed hope “that the exhibition can be a good opportunity to enhance the understanding of ASEAN by illuminating the past and present of the ASEAN countries that seem alike – yet are different.”

ASEAN-Korea Centre Secretary General Chung Hae-moon said that “by bringing together the contemporary photo and media art of ASEAN and Korea, the ‘ASEAN-Korea Contemporary Media Art Exhibition 2013’ is anticipated to serve as a meaningful occasion in sharing diverse cultural infrastructures among the two regions and in presenting a new paradigm on ASEAN’s cultural identity and Korea’s cultural diversity.

The exhibition will be staged at the Blue Square Nemo, Hannam-dong, Seoul (28 Nov.- 5 Dec.), the Seoul Citizens Hall (3 -13 Dec.) and will continue in other major cities. Exhibition schedules will be available later via the ASEAN-Korea Centre official website


List of Invited Artists from the 10 ASEAN member states