SEOUL, 21 November 2016 – A workshop on migration and development was held on 14-17 November 2016 in Seoul, Republic of Korea to enhance the capacity of ASEAN-Korea government officials in responding to migration and development issues.

International migration phenomenon is more than just the movement of people. It causes boundless ripple effect politically, economically and socio-culturally on both sending and receiving countries at the regional level. The two-day workshop identified strategic responses to the issues of international migration through building a framework for dialogue and collaboration among relevant stakeholders from the ASEAN and Korea.

The ASEAN Secretariat presented the interplay between migration and development in the ASEAN context as well as complementarities between ASEAN Socio-cultural Community Blueprint 2025 and the Sustainable Development Goals with regard to migration.

“What we are discussing is for the lives of human beings,” said one of the participants in the workshop. This is one of the perspectives shared by ASEAN Member States’ delegates on how to mainstream migration in the development agenda, including activities undertaken in ASEAN since the ASEAN Declaration on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers (Cebu Declaration), which was adopted in 2007.

The workshop was organised by International Organization for Migration (IOM) and IOM Migration Research and Training Centre through the support of the ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund.