JAKARTA, 30 August 2017 – Senior officials and media representatives from the ASEAN Member States and representatives of dialogue partners to ASEAN gathered to discuss ways to further strengthen collaboration on promoting ASEAN awareness and identity at the ASEAN Information and Media Dialogue held on August 28 in Jakarta.

“Much of ASEAN’s future rests on the active involvement and contributions by ASEAN citizens to the community-building process. But the people of the region would only believe in ASEAN if they truly feel that they are benefitting from the Community we are building for them. Therefore, we need to convey more effectively to the ASEAN citizens the benefits of ASEAN Community,” said Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community.

The dialogue gathered leaders of key ASEAN sectoral bodies, namely information, human rights, women and children, and youth to brief the media on their respective sectoral agenda and to identify potential areas of partnerships with the media in communicating their success stories to the public.

“These are complex issues that have to be explained clearly and simply, and we believe the media has the expertise to explore and distil these issues into impactful   human interest stories that could resonate and appeal to a broad spectrum of ASEAN citizens,” added DSG Vongthep.

Meanwhile, Noel George Puyat, Chair of the ASEAN Senior Meeting Responsible for Information said, “The media have a critical role in raising ASEAN awareness. ASEAN and its sectoral bodies have been striving for closer collaboration with the media to support community-building”. Further, he acknowledged that “There are challenges in coming up with truly regional stories and with deeper analysis. Nevertheless, we need to press on with greater efforts to improve that through continual media engagement in events such as this.”

Participants at the dialogue discussed that for the media to develop effective ASEAN stories, the relevant stakeholders including ASEAN sectoral bodies, ASEAN Secretariat and the media have to communicate regularly so that timely information is disseminated. More opportunities for regular dialogues and interactions were identified as a way forward to enhance partnerships and the media’s knowledge of ASEAN developments and issues. As part of cross-learning, the representative of Japan presented an overview of the information and media landscape, and broadcasting technology advancement in Japan.

The ASEAN Media and Information Dialogue was made possible with the support of the ASEAN Cultural Fund and the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund.

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