Keeping nuclear weapons out of the region is crucial says ASEAN Secretary-General Le Luong Minh.  His comments came on the day of a nuclear test detonation in North Korea.  ASEAN’s firm position highlights the February 2013 edition of “ASEAN Today.”

Dalton Tanonaka of Indonesia’s Metro TV and Raymond Goh of Malaysia’s TV3 report on the people and places of the dynamic Southeast Asia region.  Also included in this month’s program is the growing wine industry in Myanmar, the Lunar New Year fashions of Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan, and the effort to preserve Cambodia’s gibbon population.  Durudee Sirichanya, Head of Public Outreach and Civil Society Division of the ASEAN Secretariat, has this month’s feedback segment.

This is the 16th episode in the informative and entertaining series, and can be viewed on YouTube at as well as through ASEAN broadcasters including Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia and Indonesia’s Metro TV.

“ASEAN Today” is a joint production of the ASEAN Secretariat and Metro TV.  Some material is provided by broadcasters in member countries.  Check local listings for broadcast times.  For more information, contact Tanonaka at