AADMER serves as a common platform and regional policy backbone for disaster management in the ASEAN region. The AADMER Work Programme outlines a detailed structure of activities of the region’s disaster management priorities over five-year periods. The ASEAN Committee on Disaster Management (ACDM) provides oversight to the implementation of the Work Programme and reports directly to the Ministers in charge of Disaster Management, who also serve as Conference of the Parties (COP). As the Governing Board of the AHA Centre, the ACDM provides further guidance to the AHA Centre, as the primary operational engine for AADMER.

Following the spirit of AADMER, the AADMER 2010-2015 Work Programme has contributed to the enhancement of effective mechanisms to achieve substantial reduction of disaster losses in lives and in the social, economic and environmental assets of ASEAN Member States, as well as jointly respond to disaster emergencies in the ASEAN region. In the five (5) years of its implementation, the AADMER 2010-2015 Work Programme laid the regional mechanisms for joint response and disaster risk reduction at the regional level. Another remarkable achievement of the work programme is the broad and far-reaching partnerships. Increased stakeholder support is demonstrated by the vast network of partners that have been established at various levels. Particularly, pioneering initiatives were implemented that institutionalised the engagement with the civil society organisations for example through ACDM’s partnership with the AADMER Partnership Group (APG).

The AADMER 2016-2020 Work Programme differs from the previous work programme in terms of having a more pronounced articulation of protecting the gains of ASEAN Community integration for the peoples and communities of ASEAN, and showcasing ASEAN’s leadership and experience. It continues to put the premium on the contribution to and ownership of ASEAN Member States of the initiatives embodied in the new work programme; and the significance of engaging multiple sectors and stakeholders while maintaining ASEAN Centrality to ensure policy and programme coherence.

The AADMER 2021-2025 Work Programme is guided by the vision set by the AADMER to “build a region of disaster-resilient nations, mutually assisting and complementing one another, sharing a common bond in minimising adverse effects of disasters in pursuit of safer communities and sustainable development”. The mission is to “enhance and support ASEAN’s disaster risk reduction and disaster management capabilities through inter-sectoral cooperation, capacity building, scalable innovation, resource mobilisation, new partnerships, and stronger coordination among ASEAN Member States”. The AWP 2021-2025 has five (5) priority programmes namely: 1. Risk Assessment and Monitoring (RAM) 2. Prevention and Mitigation (P&M) 3. Preparedness and Response (P&R) 4. Resilient Recovery (RR) 5. Global Leadership (GL). It is complemented with a web-based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system that will allow the ACDM to systematically monitor implementation progress and the achievement of results.