ASEAN’s information and media sector has affirmed its commitment to continue its efforts to raise ASEAN awareness and support other community pillars and sectors with their communication needs through the adoption of the ASEAN Strategic Plan for Information and Media 2016-2025. The Strategic Plan will advance cooperation in promoting access to information about ASEAN, promote a sense of regional identity and community, harness the use of information and communication technologies to reach wider audiences, and develop ASEAN-relevant multi-media content.

The key strategies of the ASEAN Strategic Plan for Information and Media 2016-2025 include:

  1. Advancing cooperation and ASEAN-level agreements to provide regional mechanisms to promote access to information;
  2. Encouraging the development of programs and dissemination of information on the benefits and opportunities offered by the ASEAN community and promote mutual respect, appreciation of diversity and a sense of belonging in this integrated region;
  3. Harnessing the use of information and communication technologies across different groups as a means to connect with the regional and global community; and
  4. Engaging media professionals, research, business and other entities in collaborative development of ASEAN-relevant content.

The SOMRI Working Groups on ASEAN Digital Broadcasting; Content and Production; and Information, Media and Training have put forward their policy-related priorities to collaborate on enhancing digital broadcasting, making ASEAN more attractive to content producers, promoting media literacy and cyber wellness, capacity-building of media personnel, and promoting new broadcast technologies.

The information sector continues to promote ASEAN awareness and communicating to the people on the benefits and opportunities of regional integration and ASEAN community building process, through the use of different types of media including traditional, mainstream and new media. Following the launch of the ASEAN Communication Master Plan (ACMP) 2014-2017, the information sector is working to develop the next phase of the ASEAN Communication Master Plan, which will be endorsed by AMRI, to promote ASEAN awareness and to strengthen ASEAN identity. Recurring and long-standing projects of the ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (ASEAN COCI) aiming to promote ASEAN awareness and mutual understanding have been carried out through television and radio news exchanges (ASEAN Television News and Voice of ASEAN – Beyond Boundaries, respectively). The ASEAN Quiz series (regional and national levels) has been held for over a decade with the participation of many secondary students and which has been broadcast on TV to raise awareness on ASEAN culture, history, politics and economy.

The ASEAN information and media sector is continuing with its efforts to strengthening engagement with the private sector and other non-government media organisations through the Government-to-Business Dialogue and the ASEAN Information and Media Dialogue, both of which were implemented in 2017.