Aware that the countries of ASEAN are rich in biodiversity and home to many endangered species of wild fauna and flora;


Recognizing the conservation actions and commitments that have already been made with respect to the species regulated by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) through its Decisions and Resolutions;


Acknowledging the progress made at the national and ASEAN levels in promoting sustainable use of wild fauna and flora;

Recognizing that concerted and coordinated joint actions are required to address the illegal exploitation and trade in CITES-listed species within the ASEAN region;


Recognizing that efforts on a regional level may be most effective and appropriate in addressing a regional-level problem;


Acknowledging the importance and benefits of regional cooperation and coordination in developing, coordinating, implementing and enforcing laws and regulations on conservation of wild fauna and flora;


Aware of the importance of sharing information and technical expertise within ASEAN with a view to increasing the capacity of ASEAN as a whole;


Aware of the importance of involving ASEAN Member Countries as well as all relevant governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations in these efforts; and


Stressing the importance of financial and technical support and assistance from the international community in helping countries in ASEAN to build resources, expertise and capacity to address illegal exploitation and trade in wild fauna and flora;



We, the ASEAN Ministers Responsible for the Implementation of CITES, hereby acknowledge the need:


  1. enhance awareness of and to ensure further cooperation and coordination among all national agencies involved in wild fauna and flora trade law enforcement including the sharing of intelligence information and, where appropriate, the establishment of inter-agency committees, taskforce or coordination groups;
  2. further promote regional cooperation through the establishment of bilateral and multilateral arrangements between enforcement agencies responsible for common boundaries to achieve more effective control of illegal international trade in wild fauna and flora and their products;
  3. strengthen enforcement efforts along key border regions, including further building of capacity and capability;
  4. consider undertaking the review of their respective national legislation to facilitate the implementation of CITES if deemed necessary;
  5. encourage wider scientific research, wild population assessment and trade monitoring to ensure that sufficient and accurate biological and trade information is available on key wild species in trade so as to ensure that the trade is not detrimental to the wild population;
  6. urge countries, donors and organisations to provide urgent sufficient financial and technical support to ASEAN countries to strengthen the above efforts, in particular related to provision of scientific information on the key species in trade and building capacity and capability for CITES enforcement; and under the auspices of the ASEAN Senior Officials on Forestry (ASOF) through the ASEAN Experts Group on CITES (AEG-CITES), to develop an ASEAN Regional Action Plan on Trade in wild fauna and flora to implement the above commitments and actions.

List of Ministers or representatives


H.E. Dato’ Paduka Haji Mohd. Yunos Bin Haji Mohd. Hussein

Ambassador of Brunei Darussalam in Thailand


Honorable. UK Sokhonn            

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Cambodia


Honorable Koes Saparjadi

                                    Ministry of Forestry, Indonesia


Honorable. Souvanna Phouyavong

                                    Embassy of Lao People’s Democratic Republic in Thailand


H.E. Dato’ Sothi Nathan             

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,


Honorable. Khin Maung Zaw                   

Ministry of Forestry, Myanmar


Honorable Dr.Theresa Mundita Lim

Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Philippines


Honorable Dr. Ngiam Tong Tau               

Ministry for National Development, Singapore


H.E. Suwit Khunkitti                  

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand


Honorable Ha Cong Tuan.                      

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam


Honorable Dr.Azmi Mat Akhir

                                    ASEAN Secretariat