JAKARTA, 28 November 2017 – Maximising the benefits of the ASEAN Economic Community requires effective consultations and dialogue between the private and public sectors. Information on ASEAN economic initiatives needs to be accessible to the private sector to build awareness on the opportunities that ASEAN possesses as a region. As part of its effort to enable more effective participation of the private sector in ASEAN initiatives, the ASEAN Secretariat held the “Private Sector (MSME) Outreach Workshop on ASEAN Economic Community” in Jakarta yesterday.

”The Workshop was very enlightening both for ASEAN Secretariat and private sector, as someone who belongs to business associations that has to go through layers of protocol to reach ASEAN Secretariat, little did I know that they are reachable directly” said Mr. Rommel Gerodias, Chair of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council. Mr. Iwan Soetrisna, Head of Information Centre for AEC of the Jakarta Chamber of Commerce and industry, added “The event is a great initiative to engage businesses more effectively. I look forward to the follow up activities, such as producing more infographics, to deliver a better two-way communication between ASEAN Secretariat and private sector”.

The workshop shared updates on the progress of the ASEAN Economic Community to participants from the private sector and sought their views and input on how to enhance current engagement and outreach mechanisms. It was attended by thirty-five participants including representatives from chambers of commerce and business associations/entities.

The workshop was held by the ASEAN Secretariat with support from the German Federal Foreign Office, implemented through GIZ under the project ASEAN Secretariat Post 2015: Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development.