The immediate agenda of the new ASEAN Secretary-General was outlined in Le Luong Minh’s first public statements after installment. Minh discusses the territorial conflict in the South China Sea, and the role of the Secretariat in the January 2013 edition of “ASEAN Today.”

Dalton Tanonaka of Indonesia’s Metro TV and Pia Archangel of the Philippines’ GMA network report on the people and places of the dynamic Southeast Asia region. Also included in this month’s program is the unique and expensive “elephant coffee” being produced in Thailand, Singapore’s top jockey Joao Moreira, and the pristine waters of Indonesia’s Jailolo Bay. Durudee Sirichanya, Head of Public Outreach and Civil Society Division of the ASEAN Secretariat, has this month’s feedback segment.

This is the 15th episode in the informative and entertaining series, and can be viewed on YouTube ( as well as through ASEAN broadcasters including Singapore’s Channel News Asia and Indonesia’s Metro TV.

“ASEAN Today” is a joint production of the ASEAN Secretariat and Metro TV. Some material is provided by broadcasters in member countries. Check local listings for broadcast times. For more information, contact Tanonaka at<“><;>.