SINGAPORE, 21 December 2020 – Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supported by the Republic Polytechnic and the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC), is organising a series of trainings on Project Proposal Writing for officials in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Viet Nam (CLMV).

The first training kicked off for Cambodian officials from 7-18 December.  It is the first of four scheduled trainings that will be delivered by the Singapore Cooperation Centres in the CLMV capitals.

The Republic Polytechnic facilitated the first half of the training from 7-11 December. Meanwhile, the ASEAN Secretariat, through its Programme Cooperation and Project Management Division facilitated the second half from 14 to 18 December, particularly to train Cambodian participants on the development and management of ASEAN cooperation projects (ACPs).

ASEC invited the ASEAN–Australia Development Cooperation Program Phase II to share its experience on project development and Monitoring and Evaluation, from an ASEAN partner’s perspective.

The training enhanced participants’ knowledge and understanding about ACPs, the processes throughout the ASEAN project cycle and how to apply a results-based project approach in proposal development.

Facilitators shared their knowledge and best practices on how to develop a regional project proposal, how ASEC appraises a project proposal, and how to implement, monitor and evaluate a project. At the training, participants engaged in various exercises and group work to come up with regional project proposals.

Following 4.5 days of ASEC’s session, 19 participants completed the training and developed four project proposals using the ASEAN cooperation project proposal template including the annexes on the project budget and work plan.

At the end of the training, each participant received a joint certificate issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ASEC.

The second training, for Viet Nam’s officials, is scheduled for 4-15 January 2021.


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