On the occasion of the 21st ASEAN Summit and related Summits on 17 November 2012, H.E. Mrs. Maria Edileuza Fontenele Reis, Undersecretary for Asian Affairs of the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil, represented the Federative Republic of Brazil to deposit the Instrument of Accession to the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia. Simultaneously the ten ASEAN Foreign Ministers signed the Instrument of Extension to agree to Brazil’s accession from the ASEAN side.

Known as the Bali Concord I, the TAC, was signed at the First ASEAN Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on 24 February 1976.The Treaty was amended in 1996 to allow non-Southeast Asian countries to accede to the Treaty. It was further amended in 1998 to identify by name the High Contracting Parties in Southeast Asia that have the right to give consent to accession by States outside the region. With the entry into force of the Third Protocol on 8 June this year, the Treaty is now open to accession by regional organisations whose members are only sovereign States.The TAC has been widely recognized as a code of conduct in inter-State relations in Southeast Asia, embodying universal principles of peaceful coexistence and friendly cooperation among States in the region.

Brazil has become the first Latin America country to accede to the TAC, bringing the total number of High Contracting Parties to the TAC to 31. The accession demonstrates Brazil’s strong commitment to contribute to peace and stability in the region, laying the foundation to forge closer cooperation between ASEAN and Brazil in the future.

During her stay in Phnom Penh, Mrs. Maria also paid a courtesy call to the ASEAN Secretary-General, Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, and discussed ways and means to enhance the future of ASEAN-Brazil partnership.