Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are often the main pillar of an economy and provide employment to a majority of the workforce in a country or state. SMEs including micro enterprises are integral to the economic development and growth of the ASEAN Member States (AMS). They constitute the largest number of establishments and contribute significantly to the labour force of AMS. SMEs account for between 88.8% and 99.9% total establishments in AMS and between 51.7% and 97.2% of total employment. (SME Developments in ASEAN, 2018).

Occupational safety and health (OSH) risks management is a crucial component of any business. Deficiency in management of OSH risks may led to work-related injuries, occupational diseases or deaths in an organization or workplaces. More attention and assistances should be given to SMEs to help them in the implementation of OSH as their apparent lack of financial resources and expertise hinder their capacity to effectively implement OSH.