1. We, the ASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices, convened our eleventh meeting in Hanoi, Viet Nam on 8-9 December 2010 with stronger mandate to strengthen cooperation toward the establishment of an effective, forward looking ASEAN Community Statistical System, in close collaboration with ASEAN Dialogue Partner Countries, Development Partners and international organisations.

2. His Excellency Vo Hong Phuc, Minister of Planning and Investment on behalf of the Government of Viet Nam, welcomed the participants.

3. Dr. Do Thuc, Acting Director-General of the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam, presided over our Meeting.

Toward the Implementation of the ASEAN Framework of Cooperation in Statistics (AFCS) 2010-2015

4. We are pleased with the adoption of the ASEAN Framework of Cooperation in Statistics (AFCS) 2010-2015 which the Leaders noted at the 17th ASEAN Summit in October 2010. The AFCS 2010-2015 provides a stronger basis for establishing an ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) by 2015.

5. We are determined to implement the AFCS 2010-2015 by establishing the needed mechanisms and instruments to enable the functioning of the ACSS by 2015, and to immediately establish the ACSS Committee in 2011 in accordance with the AFCS 2010-2015. To provide clearer guidance in the implementation of the AFCS, we agreed to finalise the Strategy for the Development of ASEAN Statistics (Strategic Plan) by mid 2011.  In this regard, we tasked the Task Force on Strategic Planning to work out the details of the Strategic Plan.

6. We recognized that for ASEANstats to function effectively as a secretariat of the ACSS Committee, its capacity should be strengthened.  We agreed to explore different approaches to address the manpower constraint at the ASEANstats, including utilization of the chairs of the existing task forces and working groups to lead in the development of some activities under ACSS.

Mainstreaming ASEAN Statistics

7. We are pleased to note the major developments in statistical system in ASEAN Member States (AMSs).  We are also encouraged by on-going efforts to raise awareness and wider use of statistics in AMSs, including the successful celebration of First World Statistics Day on October 20, 2010 in those countries.

8. We are supportive of the concrete measures taken by ASEAN Secretariat in collaboration with AMSs and international agencies and development partners to raise statistical awareness and enhance evidence-based decision making, by undertaking regular dissemination of an ASEAN Community Progress Monitoring System (ACPMS) and the ASEAN Statistical Report on MDGs Indicators.

Progress in Harmonisation of Statistics

9. We are confident that our endorsement of data submission mechanism and common format will soon lead to major improvement in the submission of international merchandise trade statistics.   Such development is also expected to lead to regular dissemination of quarterly trade data with reasonable time lags. Realizing the importance of having a common reference to guide the development and harmonisation of statistics, including statistics on trade in services and foreign direct investment statistics, we tasked the respective task forces/working groups to expedite their efforts to come up with an ASEAN common data framework and data transmission protocol.

International Cooperation and Partnerships

10. We appreciated the continued support of our Development Partners, Dialogue Partner Countries, and international organisations in various areas of statistical cooperation and agreed to work out concrete solution for improved coordination and communication among them particularly in the provision of technical assistance and capacity building support for AMSs.  In particular, we welcomed the progress of activities under the EU-ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building Programme, METI-Japan Project and ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program.

11. We resolved to continue working together with the concerned ASEAN Dialogue Partner Countries, Development Partners and international organizations in progressing with the statistical cooperation in the area of System of National Accounts (SNA), manufacturing and commerce statistics, in addition to the on-going cooperation on international merchandise trade statistics, statistics on international trade in services, and foreign direct investment statistics.

Hosting of AHSOM

12. We expressed our appreciation to the Government of Viet Nam, in particular the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam, for the excellent leadership, meeting arrangements and facilitation, and for the warm hospitality accorded to us during AHSOM11 and related meetings.

13. We thanked BPS-Statistics Indonesia for accepting to chair and host the next meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices in November 2011.

Ha Noi, Viet Nam, 9 December 2010

11th Meeting of the ASEAN Heads of Statistical Offices

1. CAMBODIA: Mr. San Sythan
2. INDONESIA: Dr. Rusman Heriawan
3. LAO PDR: Dr. Samaychanh Boupha
4. MALAYSIA: Dr. Abdul Rahman Bin Hassan
5. PHILIPPINES: Dr. Romulo A. Virola
6. SINGAPORE: Ms. Wong Wee Kim
7. THAILAND: Mr. Wilas Suwee
8. VIET NAM: Dr. Do Thuc