ASEAN Champions Podcast features Ha Ninh Pham, an aspiring artist from Hanoi, whose works have been showcased internationally across the globe. Inspired by the power of arts to transform, Ha Ninh ignites hope through his artworks.

ASEAN Champions Podcast features Dipna Lim Prasad, former Singaporean Sprinter and Hurdler and co-founder of In My Shoes. Believing that every kid deserves to dream, she started In My Shoes, a social enterprise collecting sports shoes and redistributing them to those in need.

ASEAN Champions Podcast features the story of Illac Diaz, Sociopreneur and founder of Liter of Light, who was also A Young Global Leader 2008 of the World Economic Forum. By offering the uncommon solution for common problem, Illac brought 350,000 bottles of lights to 15 countries.

ASEAN Champions Podcast features the story of Yasmin Shahira, coach and founder of Malaysian fitness community Peach Project. Using fitness as a tool, Yasmin has created a space where women can be empowered, find confidence, and support each other.

ASEAN Champion Podcast features Nadine Alexandra, Indonesian actress and environmentalist, and describes her experience as an Orangutan Warrior. A voice of the voiceless, Nadine and the team at BOS Foundation work tirelessly to spread awareness on orangutan conservation.