JAKARTA, 11 December 2014 – The Permanent Representative of Myanmar to ASEAN, Ambassador Min Lwin, handed over his duties and responsibilities as Chair of the Committee of Permanent Representatives to ASEAN (CPR) to the Permanent Representative of Malaysia to ASEAN, Ambassador Hasnudin Hamzah, at the ASEAN Secretariat on 8 December. Secretary-General of ASEAN, H.E. Le Luong Minh, and all Permanent Representatives to ASEAN from other ASEAN Member States attended the handover ceremony.

Ambassador Min Lwin emphasised that the roles and responsibilities of CPR continue to evolve and expand since its establishment in 2009. Under the leadership of Myanmar in 2014, the CPR has accomplished important tasks. These include, among others, the CPR’s robust support for ASEAN’s community-building efforts, its on-going efforts to strengthen the capacity and capability of the ASEAN Secretariat, as well as its extensive engagement with Dialogue Partners and other external partners of ASEAN. 

SG Minh congratulated Myanmar for its successful chairmanship this year which is in itself a historic milestone for ASEAN.  SG Minh reiterated that the work of the CPR is always instrumental in achieving the ASEAN Community and beyond. Highlighting that ASEAN’s success will ultimately be measured by how ASEAN has been and will be relevant and beneficial to the lives of the ASEAN peoples, the Secretary-General encouraged the enhanced role of the CPR in continued investment in and outreach to the ASEAN peoples.

In his remarks, the incoming Chair of the CPR in 2015, Ambassador Hasnudin, commended the achievements of Ambassador Min Lwin who, with his diplomatic skills and human touch, has deftly guided the CPR deliberations to resolve a lot of issues and challenges facing ASEAN. Ambassador Hasnudin noted that 2015 will be an important year for ASEAN and the CPR as ASEAN will be transforming itself into the ASEAN Community and charting out its future directions through the Post-2015 Vision. He expressed hope that during Malaysia’s Chairmanship, the CPR will continue to enhance its roles and functions as an important mechanism in both ASEAN’s community-building efforts and external relations.

Ambassador Hasnudin highlighted the overarching theme of Malaysia’s Chairmanship 2015 – “Our Community, Our People, Our Vision” with the main objective to bring ASEAN closer to the ordinary people so as to create a deep we-feeling and the sense of belonging to a people-centred ASEAN Community. “We all know that the people are the greatest asset that ASEAN has and the people need to be further empowered in all sectors so as to contribute effectively to ASEAN Community building efforts,” said Ambassador Hasnudin.