JAKARTA, 15 February 2016 — Slovenia today expressed its interest in cooperating with ASEAN in areas of mutual interest. This was conveyed by H.E. Ms. Helena Drnovšek Zorko, new Ambassador of Slovenia to ASEAN, after she presented her credentials to H.E. Le Luong Minh, Secretary-General of ASEAN.


SG Minh welcomed and congratulated Ambassador Zorko on her assumption of duty as Slovenia’s Ambassador to ASEAN. He noted the strong relations between ASEAN and the European Union (EU) and its Member States and assured Ambassador Zorko about the readiness of the ASEAN Secretariat to work closely with her in promoting cooperation between ASEAN and Slovenia. Secretary-General Minh welcomed Slovenia’s intention to pursue practical cooperation with ASEAN in areas such as education, tourism, trade and investment.


Ambassador Zorko looked forward to working closely with ASEAN and its Member States, particularly in areas of Slovenia’s expertise such as business, water management and forestry to further enhance the relationship.


In a separate ceremony on the same day, Secretary-General Minh received the credentials of H.E. Nirsia Castro Guevara, Ambassador of Cuba to ASEAN. During the courtesy call after the ceremony, Ambassador Castro conveyed her Government’s appreciation to ASEAN for supporting the lifting of economic sanctions against Cuba at the United Nations. Ambassador Castro Guevara expressed confidence that with the embargo lifted, Cuba would be able to make significant and substantive economic progress. Cuba would also be able to establish substantive cooperation with ASEAN in areas of mutual interests now that it no longer faced restrictions.


Secretary-General Minh briefed Ambassador Castro Guevara on the developments in ASEAN including the establishment of ASEAN Community.