We, the ASEAN Ministers responsible for Telecommunications and IT, on the occasion of the 10th ASEAN Telecommunications and IT Ministers Meeting (TELMIN) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

ACKNOWLEDGING the significant achievements of ASEAN cooperation in the field of ICT;

NOTING the contribution of ICT to economic growth and social development in ASEAN and its role as a strategic instrument for achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals;

RECOGNISING ICT as an empowering and transformational tool for the peoples of ASEAN;

REAFFIRMING our commitment to ASEAN integration and the ASEAN 2015 goals, and to continue our cooperation in this area to contribute to the achievement of ASEAN common goal of realising an ASEAN Community;

DESIRING to enhance efforts to provide affordable ICT access and increase ICT adoption across ASEAN as well as to bridge the digital divide and develop ICT skills;


1. Adopt the ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 (“AIM2015”) to chart the development of ICT in this region and harness the potential of ICT in establishing an inclusive, vibrant and integrated ASEAN Community;

2. Task the ASEAN Telecommunication and IT Senior Officials (TELSOM) and the ASEAN Telecommunication Regulators’ Council (ATRC) to take necessary steps to implement the actions and measures embodied in the AIM2015; and

3. Invite all partners to collaborate with ASEAN in realising the objectives and goals of the AIM 2015.

Done on 14 January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.