More than 2.5 million people around the world are affected by Human Trafficking, and many of the victims are young, innocent children. Many were subsequently sold as sex slaves, while some ended up as street beggars controlled by crime syndicates. Majority of them will never see their families again.

To keep this global crime in clear view of the potential victims, MTV, together with the United States government, ASEAN, AusAID, and WalkFree, have come together to launch MTV EXIT – or End Exploitation and Trafficking in Indonesia’s Bandung city.

Tapping on MTV’s reach and popularity with the young people, the partners agree that the network provides a very effective platform to convey the messages. The outreach effort had a multiplier effect with the help of Facebook and Twitter accounts of its partners. Virtual world also got a boost from good old hardware in the form of this huge bi-coloured tour coach – painted blue on one side, and yellow on the other. The road warrior will ferry the partners to Gasibu Bandung, where a massive concert featuring Australian and Indonesian artists will jam their hearts out for the youngsters there.

“MTV EXIT has proven itself to be an effective vehicle to carry our messages against Human Trafficking. They have left their mark in Vietnam, Cambodia, and other parts of the world, and we will be “talking” to the youngsters of Indonesia through this live concert in Bandung.

These are countries with significant young population, and we cannot afford any delay in alerting the threat to them, and the horrible impact on the victims,” said Dr SurinPitsuwan, Secretary-General of ASEAN.

“However important the messages, they are only effective when you are able to get them across to your audience. In this aspect, MTV EXIT has been a critical platform and partner in our campaign,” said Ambassador David Carden from the US Mission to ASEAN.

With popular Indonesian bands like Changcuters, and D’Masiv on hand with the entertainment, the turnout crowd had a rocking good time. Excitement was already building before the event, helped by Facebook postings by its eager fans.

To see the pictures from MTV Exit 2012, Gasibu, Bandung, please click here.