Ha Noi, 29 October 2010

  1. The 13th ASEAN-ROK Summit, chaired by H.E. Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, was held on 29 October 2010 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. The Heads of State/Government of ASEAN Member States had a substantive meeting with H.E. Mr. Lee Myung-bak, President of the Republic of Korea.
  2. We noted with satisfaction the substantive progress of the ASEAN-ROK relations over the past 21 years since the establishment of dialogue relations in 1989, and in order to further deepen and broaden our relationship, we agreed to elevate the ASEAN-ROK comprehensive cooperation to that of strategic partnership, which corresponds to the aspirations of the peoples of ASEAN and the ROK. In this regard, we adopted of the Joint Declaration on ASEAN-ROK Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity at the 13th ASEAN-ROK Summit in Ha Noi.
  3. We also noted with satisfaction the effective implementation of the Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Cooperation Partnership (2006-2010). In this connection, we adopted the new Plan of Action to Implement the Joint Declaration on Strategic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity for the period of 2011-2015.
  4. The ASEAN Leaders appreciated ROK’s firm and consistent support for ASEAN Community building and ASEAN’s role as the driving force in an evolving regional architecture. In this connection, the ASEAN Leaders called for ROK’s further support and engagement in Mekong sub-regional frameworks (including ASEAN Mekong Basin Development Cooperation (AMBDC), Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam Development Triangle (CLV), Cambodia – Laos – Myanmar – Vietnam group (CLMV), Ayeyawady – Chao Phraya – Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS), Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), Mekong River Commission (MRC)), Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA), Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT), and others, with a view to narrowing down the development gap in the region and supporting ASEAN’s efforts of regional integration.
  5. The ASEAN Leaders welcomed and appreciated ROK’s new proposal on establishing an ROK-Mekong Foreign Ministers’ Meeting so as to strengthen economic and development cooperation with the countries in the Mekong region. We urged our relevant officials to discuss ways to implement Korea’s initiative.
  6. We were pleased to note that, despite the global economic slowdown, trade between ASEAN and the Republic of Korea remained quite robust and reached USD 74.7 billion in 2009, much higher than pre-crisis levels. ROK was the fifth largest trading partner of ASEAN and conversely, ASEAN was the third largest trading partner of Korea in 2008. We, however, noted that in 2009, there was a decline by 10.21 percent in total flows of Foreign Direct Investment from ROK to ASEAN.
  7. We welcomed the entry into force of all Agreements under the ASEAN – Korea Free Trade Area framework (AKFTA) for all Parties and noted the developments in this implementation. We, however, requested ASEAN-ROK Economic Ministers to expedite their works in accelerating a higher utilization for AKFTA’s concession. In this regard, we renewed our commitment to achieve the target of increasing two-way trade volume to US$ 150 billion by 2015 through the ASEAN-ROK FTA.
  8. The ROK welcomed the adoption of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity at the 17th ASEAN Summit in Ha Noi. The ASEAN Leaders appreciated ROK’s active role and enhanced cooperation with ASEAN in such priority areas as transport, information and communication technology (ICT), rural technology, energy, finance, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), disaster management, environment and climate change, infectious disease, food security, culture and arts, people-to-people contact, tourism, education and human resource development, and looked forward to ROK’s participation and assistance in the implementation of the adopted Master Plan, which will truly be beneficial to the realization of an integrated ASEAN Community by 2015.
  9. The ASEAN Leaders welcomed the ROK’s initiative of Low-Carbon Green Growth and commitment to cooperate through East Asia Climate Partnership to support ASEAN Member States in responding to climate change and maintaining sustainable development. We agreed to explore and develop concrete projects under the initiative for the greater benefit of the region.
  10. We took note of the follow-up to the initiative by the ROK to establish the Asian Forest Cooperation Organisation (AfoCO) including the drafting of the Agreement for the Establishment of AFoCO, with an aim to strengthening forestry cooperation and enhancing the capacity in dealing with climate change in the region. We viewed the initiative as a strategic cooperation programme between ASEAN and ROK, through a phased approach, starting with the ASEAN-ROK Forestry Cooperation Programme.
  11. We welcomed the establishment and operation of the ASEAN-Korea Centre in Seoul. We attached great importance to the Centre as it serves as an important channel to further promote trade, investment, tourism and cultural exchanges between ASEAN and the ROK.
  12. We stressed the importance of maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region. We reaffirmed our support for the complete and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. We encouraged all concerned parties to fully implement the Joint Statement of 19 September 2005 and create a conducive environment for the resumption of the Six Party Talks with a view to achieving long-lasting peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. We underscored the importance of relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and their implementation, and of addressing the issue of humanitarian concerns of the international community.
  13. We recognized the importance of issues discussed in the G-20 process in pursuit of strong, sustainable and balanced growth. In this connection, we welcomed the chairmanship of the ROK of the forthcoming G-20 Summit in Seoul on 11-12 November 2010 and its efforts to reflect the views of developing countries, including ASEAN, in the process of preparing for the Seoul Summit to be held on 11-12 November 2010. The ASEAN Leaders expressed their high appreciation to the ROK for her support and invitation for the ASEAN Chair, Viet Nam, to attend the G-20 Summit in Seoul later this year and welcomed the ROK’s further support for the ASEAN Chair’s participation at the G-20 Summits on a regular basis.

    Source: http://asean2010.vn/asean_en/news/48/2DA9EA/Chairmans-Statement-of-the-13th-ASEAN-Republic-of-Korea-ROK-Summit