CHIANG RAI, 18 August 2017 – As part of ASEAN’s continued effort to raise the standard of living of its people while preserving nature and resources for future generations, the ASEAN Secretariat (Socio-Cultural Community Department), in cooperation with the Mission of China to ASEAN and UNDP, will organise an “ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium on Financing the Implementation of the SDGs in ASEAN” in Chiang Rai, Thailand next week (Aug. 21-22).

Building on the first symposium ‘Leave No One Behind’ held in Jakarta last year, this year’s symposium will bring together senior representatives from governmental agencies of ASEAN Member States and China, ASEAN sectoral bodies, think tanks and representatives of civil society, the ASEAN Secretariat, UNDP, the private sector and the media. It aims to provide a venue for participants to share their experiences on how to attract, leverage, and effectively manage different sources of finance towards achieving the goals of ASEAN Vision 2025 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It will also discuss the Regional Report on Financing the SDGs in ASEAN.

With support from the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under the Royal Patronage (MFLF), a field trip to Nan Province, Thailand, will be held on 19-20 August prior to the symposium.

During the field trip to Nan province, participants will observe community projects related to sustainable development, particularly those that highlight direct interaction and engagement with the local communities, and the importance of a human-centric and outcome-oriented approach in order to ensure effective financing for development and sustainability. Findings learnt from these experiences will be considered as part of the overall inputs into the ASEAN-China-UNDP Symposium on Financing the Implementation of the SDGs in ASEAN.

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