H.E Le Luong Minh, Secretary-General of ASEAN and H.E. Shindo Yoshitaka, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan discussed on the current and future activities of ASEAN-Japan cooperation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and disaster management communication and Japan’s support for the implementation of ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 (AIM2015) yesterday at the ASEAN Secretariat.

SG Minh informed Minister Shindo that ASEAN shared the same view with Japan that the growth of ICT was mainly driven by users’ need. Therefore, the role of telecommunication providers was to ensure the availability of high capacity infrastructure and quality services while the role of the government was to regulate the supply and demand in assuring an equal and affordable access and safety for the public and fair competition amongst providers.

Minister Shindo shared Japan’s experience on the utilization of ICT for communication in disaster management. He highlighted the importance to have a standardized protocol of network in the distribution of computing information of early warning to the population for wider areas. He further stressed on the urgency to inform the evacuation scheme to the affected population by introducing the protocol of evacuation, and the need to filter the initial information on the early warning system prior to its transfer to the affected population. Minister Shindo expressed Japan’s willingness and readiness to provide support to ASEAN and to strengthen ASEAN-Japan cooperation in this area.

While appreciating Japan’s support in the provision and setting up of ASEAN’s current ICT Disaster Management System, SG Minh expressed the interest of ASEAN to learn more from Japan’s experiences in the design and implementation of ICT systems in Telemedicine Practices in remote areas and Energy Consumption Monitoring for environmental improvement.

SG Minh thanked Japan for the continued cooperation with and support to ASEAN on information security. In this regard, SG Minh and Minister Shindo shared high confidence that the upcoming ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Policy Meeting on Cyber Security Cooperation, to be held in September 2013 in Japan, will yield important outcomes to further enhance ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Cooperation in, among others: (1) strengthening the support for the less secured countries to improve their system of cyber security; (2) promoting collaboration in proactive response against cyber-attacks; (3) strengthening security awareness raising initiatives; (4) providing training programs for cyber security; (5) Promoting information exchanges between cyber-security researchers; and (6) Sharing best practices for protecting personal data and children online.