SINGAPORE, 5 April 2018 – A total of 110 participants from tertiary colleges and universities in ASEAN and Korea presented six projects offering real-world solutions to the societal challenges in selected communities in Thailand, Viet Nam, Indonesia and the Philippines at the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Youth in Action (AYIA) – Learning Express Programme. In his closing remarks, Deputy Secretary-General for ASEAN Socio-cultural Community Vongthep Arthakaivalvatee emphasized that one’s educational journey is a two-way street, and individuals need to learn to give back to the very same society that has made provisions for their growth through education.

The ASEAN Youth in Action – Learning Express Programme organized by Singapore Polytechnic with support from the ASEAN-ROK Future Oriented Cooperation Fund is a unique initiative that introduces participants to problem-solving skills by thinking of creative solutions to real-world challenges.

The programme invites ten students from each ASEAN Member State and Korea to a 4-week programme with a 2-week immersion to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the societal and cultural challenges in selected ASEAN countries. This is followed by a 2-week programme in Singapore to conceptualize context-appropriate solutions to address the needs and challenges identified.

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