Cha-am Hua Hin, Thailand, 24 October 2009

  1. The Mekong-Japan Economic Ministers’ Inaugural Meeting was held in Cha-am, Hua Hin, Thailand on 24 October 2009. The Meeting was co-chaired by H.E. Porntiva Nakasai, Minister of Commerce of Thailand, and H.E. Masayuki Naoshima, Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan.
  2. The Ministers welcomed the industrial corridor initiatives in the Mekong sub-region that have taken into account business development viewpoints of the private companies as reported in the survey conducted by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). The Ministers expressed their appreciation to JETRO for their initiative in clarifying policy needs that reflect business strategies in the region through its survey. The Ministers expressed also their views that further inputs from the Mekong countries are still required to be incorporated in the industrial corridor initiatives.
  3. The Ministers discussed the basic direction of the development of the Mekong sub-region and welcomed the Mekong-Japan Economic and Industrial Cooperation Initiative (MJ-CI), which focuses on further development of hard-infrastructure, trade facilitation, enhancement of SMEs, enhancement of service and new industrial sectors, and establishment of government-business dialogue, submitted to the meeting. The Ministers will report the MJ-CI to the Leaders at the forthcoming Mekong-Japan Summit to be held on 6-7 November 2009 in Tokyo. The Ministers agreed that the cooperation should be advanced by further consultations aiming at developing concrete strategies and action plans, based upon the MJ-CI, by utilizing the Mekong-Japan Economic Ministers’ meeting and AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Cooperation Committee’s Working Group on West-East Corridor Development (AMEICC WEC-WG).



  1. H.E. Cham Prasidh, Senior Minister and Minister of Commerce, Cambodia
  2. H.E. Masayuki Naoshima, Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
  3. H.E. Nam Viyaketh, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Lao PDR
  4. H.E. U Soe Tha, Minister for National Planning and Economic Development, Myanmar
  5. H.E. Porntiva Nakasai, Minister of Commerce, Thailand
  6. H.E. Cao Viet Sinh , Vice Minister of Planning and Investment, Viet Nam